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Agricultural operations management

Improve availability

Improve machines and attachments availability

Reduce Costs

Reduce fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs

Plan with 2 clicks

The record of a farm operation takes less than 1 minute. Plan everything with few clicks!

Monitoring of agricultural fleet

Know all about your fleet and operations in real time

AgriConnected is a platform that relies on artificial intelligence and algorithms designed to manage all operations in the field: soil, planting, treatment and harvesting. The platform is prepared for all types of machines, for the combination of machine and attachment and different types of crops.

It makes planning and use of machinery more efficient, leading to a considerable reduction in operating costs and improvement in the quality of the final product.

Operation connected all the time

High machine availability and great economy


It responsive to any king of device


Very easy to use. We make your life easier

Device connected directly to the internet

Simple, easy and ready to use

Dispositivo, hardware Agriconnected

Quick installation

It takes less than 5 minutes to install

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Register the device in the platform and it is ready to roll

Low maintenance

We manage all the device for you

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